Melia Hotel Newcastle Quayside Elevation Across River Hh
Project: INNSiDE by Melia view project
The Goodsyard Mixed Use Masterplan Faulknerbrowns Architects Through The Arches Retail Hh
News: Mayor of London approves Goodsyard plans read article
Britannia Leisure Centre Hackney London Sports Elevation From Shoreditch Park Hh
News: Retail and Leisure Architect of the Year 2020 read article
Sunderland City Hall Vaux Riverside Council Office Keel Square Under Construction Stairwell Beal Workers Welding Hh
News: From fabrication yard to City Hall read article
Rutherford Street Hadrians Tower Under Construction Elevation Height Tallest Building In Newcastle Hh
Project: Construction Snapshot 2020 view project
Durham University Lower Mountyjoy Side Elevation Dusk Hh
Project: Lower Mountjoy Teaching and Learning Centre view project
Sportcampus Zuiderpark Campus The Hague Den Haag Netherlands Sport Education Rear Elevation From Sports Fields Hh 2
Project: Sportcampus Zuiderpark view project
We are a creative, international design studio experienced in making buildings and places where people do better. We use this experience to question traditional typologies, challenging what a particular building might look like, how it might be used, and the ways it can impact society.
We believe that every project is unique, and it is important to start with a blank sheet of paper. Our expertise allows us to pick apart common challenges, and apply our ingenuity to find a solution that meets the needs of the client, the user and society as a whole.
We imagine buildings that exceed their habitual needs, investing in them a level of quality and pride that will come to inspire and elevate people for generations. It is this legacy that motivates us to continue to develop our ideas.