We are recognised for our work in architectural design and placemaking. Our team of over one hundred architects, designers and technologists deliver projects of varying scale and complexity for clients internationally.


We provide our clients with elegant, functional buildings that stand the test of time.

First, we look and listen. Then, using our considerable experience, we develop designs that support and sustain our clients’ aspirations, whilst balancing commercial and environmental issues. The results prove that the constraints of cost, time and resources can be met without compromising quality.

Our live portfolio of work is diverse in scale, complex in uses, and varied in context. Our buildings are imaginative and exciting, inspiring those who work, live and play in them, or those who simply come to look.

Who we are

We are an international design practice with a difference. Our talented studio teams provide us with the flexibility and balance to react to the needs of our clients.

A cosmopolitan mix of individuals from around the world provides us with a diverse range of expertise. A culture of sharing and listening ensures this is passed from one to all. Knowledge of many building types and geographical locations allows us to devise sustainable, fully integrated design solutions that are uplifting in use and effective to operate.

We spend time carefully weighing pragmatic considerations with ambition and re-interpretation, creating designs with integrity and commercial clarity.

Testing through making

We build, test and review our designs digitally and physically, with the support of our in-house modelshop.

With the use of models we communicate our ideas and concepts with insight and clarity, throughout the design process. This helps us to develop and maintain strong relationships with our clients which are valued and respected.

We truly delight in gaining repeat commissions which acknowledge our design competence as much as the associations which we forge.


We believe in looking at the broader picture, taking inspiration from examples of best practice in building design and place-making. This involves research visits at home and abroad to inform our thinking, analyse and test current trends, and cultivate step-changes in building designs.

Equally, our involvement with industry bodies such as the British Council for Offices, alongside our affiliation with Sheffield, Newcastle and Ulster Universities, stimulates and provokes debate about the creation of relevant, research based architecture.

We are constantly searching for new materials, systems and processes by which to deliver architecture of enduring quality.

Social Value

As an architectural practice we are wholly aware of our social obligations and responsibilities. This is reflected in the values, ethos and culture which have been the bedrock of our business since day one.

We place particular emphasis on our staff, our clients, our working methods, the impact of our work on the environment, our professional conduct and standing, and our contribution to the communities we work in.

We are a family of multi-skilled and experienced individuals whose talents and contribution to the practice are recognised and rewarded not only for the part they play in our design journeys, but also in our wider contributions to our profession and community.

Building Information Modelling

We recognise that the use of BIM has significant benefits not only for our own effectiveness and that of the wider consultant team, but increasingly for the construction delivery supply chain and building owners and operators.

We believe BIM to be much more about process than a particular software application. We adopt a flexible and pragmatic approach to its implementation, considering the capabilities of the entire design team and how each stakeholder will benefit from employing a BIM process.

Our aspiration is always to provide high quality BIM designs for our clients. This enables efficient delivery of building design, construction and operation without removing the scope for innovation.