Riverside Sunderland

In collaboration with Proctor Matthews Architects, we have proposed an inclusive extension of the northern edges of the city with a strong emphasis on social, cultural and environmental wellbeing. The goal has really been to create a city that people want to move to and live in with their families.

More than ever before, skilled workers and organisations pay attention to rewarding living, working and recreational environments and we have put this central to our vision.

High quality regeneration masterplan



Igloo Regeneration and Sunderland City Council

Underway 2019


Riverside Sunderland will transform a part of the city that has vast potential. It’s a masterplan that will reinvigorate the city in a wider sense too – creating a place we can be proud to call the heart of Sunderland.

Graeme Miller
Sunderland City Council

Diverse and Authentic

Like many UK cities, Sunderland has shifted to a post-industrial economy and is in the process of redeveloping it’s old industrial areas – these sites are often the city’s face to it’s river and thus have a tendency to shift the regeneration focus towards the waterfront. At Sunderland, we wanted to connect the riverside to the city centre. Placing a strong emphasis on amenity and local distinctiveness, we have pushed to create a masterplan that reinforces the city core with diverse and worthwhile uses intertwined with a residential agenda that hosts life locally and self-sufficiently.

As we continue to look for new ways to make the city, our vision in answering post-industrial and post-pandemic questions in parallel at Sunderland has led to a truly authentic piece of urbanism. Local and lifestyle focused, the project creates cultural and recreational anchors that are climate conscious and rich in character.

Lee McLaughlin
Partner, Architect