Moorside Power Visitor Centre

Taking the form of a collection of organic bulbs nestled within the rolling Cumbrian landscape, Moorside Visitor Centre is a dramatic gateway to the Moorside Nuclear Power Station masterplan. The bulbs are illuminated from inside like oversized incandescent lamps; the timber ribbed structures providing a distinctive beacon for approaching visitors. Within the elevated central bulb a journey begins, passing through four exhibition display areas and arriving at an elevated viewing platform above the café - a dramatic space from which to enjoy the spectacle of the reactor complex. The seventh bulb of the hexagonal lattice has been detached to form an auditorium space for presentations and events.

The spectacular form of the visitor centre takes inspiration from carbon, one of the most abundant elements in the universe and the driving force behind nuclear energy. In layout, the collection of bulbs is arranged in a hexagonal grid to signify the carbon based structure of organic life. By generating carbon free energy the proposed power station will sustain and support carbon based life in all its diverse forms and assist in balancing the natural world.

Visitor centre



NuGeneration Ltd

We have had an overwhelming response to the competition, both in terms of numbers and the level of creativity in the designs. The architecture and landscape community have embraced the challenge and have delivered some thoughtful, considered and visually breath-taking proposals for our Moorside Project.

Tom Samson
CEO, NuGeneration Ltd.

Moorside will be transformational for Copeland. I am confident our best days are ahead of us… and this initiative will help deliver an iconic building, landscape and a lasting legacy that the region can be proud of.

Jamie Reed
MP for the Borough of Copeland, Cumbria