Tidal Lagoon Watersports Centre

Capable of hosting local, national and international water sports events, the Tidal Lagoon Watersports Centre includes facilities to support the development of national and international expertise in marine physics, biochemistry and biology. The centre forms part of the £1.3 billion Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project; the world’s first, purpose-built, tidal energy lagoon.

One of the most demanding aspects of the brief concerns the multifaceted nature of the building. Alongside its primary functions, there is a need for the building to act as an information gateway to the tidal lagoon energy project. Inspired by traditional fishing warehouses and boathouses, the understated form provides the flexibility to create a combination of single and double height sections that can be adapted to suit each individual function. A simple material palette pays tribute to its uncompromising industrial context, whilst crisp and elegant detailing forms a measured and contemporary interpretation.

International watersports centre and hatchery for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon



Tidal Lagoon Power Ltd

Due 2018


The project is a great opportunity to harness the infrastructure of green energy production for the social benefits of recreational watersports activities.

Michael Hall
Partner, FaulknerBrowns Architects