INTO Newcastle University

INTO Newcastle University is an international student centre incorporating state-of-the-art teaching, social and learning facilities as well as residential accommodation. The centre offers foundation courses and pastoral support for international students starting academic life at Newcastle University.

Surrounded by several buildings of civic and architectural importance, the site is located on the edge of the university’s King’s Campus, at a gateway to the city centre and a significant transport interchange. Through careful analysis of the existing context and the future needs of students, the centre makes a positive contribution to the streetscape and successfully integrates international students into their cultural and academic lives.

International student campus sensitively integrated into local life

Newcastle upon Tyne, England



Newcastle University

August 2010 – September 2012

September 2012

FaulknerBrowns attention to detail, from early briefing through to the end of post construction defects, was central to the success of the project. Their innovative, challenging and creative approach has been an inspiration to the whole team and resulted in outstanding landmark buildings.

Andrew Colin
Chairman, INTO University Partnerships

An environment for learning

Our focus was on creating a building that delivered a supportive environment which allowed students to feel secure in their new surroundings. With many of the students travelling thousands of miles to begin their studies, it was important for the campus to be shaped to meet their varied needs. At the same time, it was essential to ensure that they felt a part of the university campus and connected to the city centre to prevent a feeling of isolation.

All aspects of the campus have been designed with this in mind, from the varied choice of accommodation type, to the provision of a wide range of social spaces and entertainment facilities. To support integration, the external spaces provide maximum connectivity, and encourage time spent outside of the campus buildings, meeting and socialising with students from other areas.

Into Newcastle University Student Residences Public Realm Sp
Into Newcastle University Student Residences Landscaped Public Realm L

Following pioneering research undertaken at leading universities including Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale, in the United States of America, the teaching facilities have been designed specifically to meet the needs of the students and staff at INTO.

The centre’s ‘universal lecture theatre’ is highly innovative. It can flex easily between ‘delivery’, ‘macro-collaboration’ and ‘micro-collaboration’ modes of teaching to dynamically meet the needs of the class. It is the first situation where these three distinct and effective modes of teaching have been accommodated in a single space. 

A place to belong

INTO Newcastle University is the best place to study as it provides international students with a friendly and supportive atmosphere and really helps to reduce culture shock.

Alma Akhmetova
INTO Newcastle University Graduate