Hadrian's Tower

Hadrian’s Tower is a bold residential development that brings a new building typology to Newcastle and challenges the existing pattern of housing provision in the city centre.

Our progressive design provides 162 high quality apartments for the private rental sector (PRS), carefully integrated into the city’s central conservation area using offsite construction.

Private rental sector accommodation

Newcastle upon Tyne, England



Citygrove Securities and Stonegate Developments

January 2018 - May 2020

August 2020

This development is one of the most significant rental housing investments ever undertaken in Newcastle. The bold proposition was transformed from concept to reality by the creative endeavour of the FaulknerBrowns team, who found a balance between bold architecture and contextual responsibility.

Andrew Rennie
Managing Director, Citygrove Securities PLC

Technology & Craftmanship

Hadrian’s Tower is Newcastle’s tallest building. In response to a constrained city-centre site, we designed a unitised façade system at the upper levels that could be prefabricated offsite. The result is a refined and striking architecture that responds proudly to its context.

The base of the tower carefully adds to the elegance of the streetscape by reflecting the scale and proportion of its context, including the historic printworks opposite. The facades, detailed with high quality handmade bricks, add a more human scale that engages residents and people passing by.

Hadrians Tower Newcastle Prs Residential Tower Unitised Facade System Sp
Hadrians Tower Newcastle Prs Residential Tower Front Elevation Sp
Hadrians Tower Newcastle Prs Residential Tower Elevation Diagram Sp
Hadrians Tower Newcastle Prs Residential Tower Concrete Core During Construction L
Hadrians Tower Newcastle Prs Residential Tower Under Construction Sp

A landmark project

Hadrian’s Tower creates a striking form on Newcastle’s skyline. The project repurposes a derelict, brownfield site that had been disused for over a decade and its location on Rutherford Street transforms the emerging pedestrian route between the developing west end and the city centre.

The project also gives value back to the city, with a programme of public events at the top of the tower that encourage everyone to access a unique view of the cityscape from above.

At Hadrian’s Tower, we designed a stepped series of volumes to mediate between the different sizes and ages of surrounding buildings and respect the scale of the street.. The composition succesfully enhances the quality of the streetscape whilst making a positive and powerful contribution to the city’s skyline.

Paul Rigby
Partner, Architect


  • Tall Building Awards 2022
    Best Tall Building Façade and Fenestration Engineering Project
  • Insider North East Property Awards 2021
    Residential Development of the Year