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Ravelin Sports Centre wins an IAKS Architecture Prize

Ravelin Sports Centre Iaks Architecture Prize Faulknerbrowns Architects Lh

Ravelin Sports Centre has been awarded an Architecture Prize by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS).

The new, ultra-low energy sports centre for the University of Portsmouth was recognised as part of the 28th IAKS Congress for its exemplary approach to sustainability and public value, innovation, accessibility and universal design, as well as its exceptional architecture.

Ravelin Sports Centre combines facilities for swimming, dry sports, fitness, climbing, bouldering and squash with flexible studios, teaching facilities and office space. The building is open to both the public and the university and was designed to achieve an ultra-low operational energy consumption of less than 100 kWh/m2/yr – around 1/10th the consumption of a typical, equivalent facility.

Of the 88 projects submitted from 22 different countries, Ravelin Sports Centre was 1 of only 14 selected for the prizes, which are considered one of the top international awards in the sport, leisure, and recreation industry.

Ravelin Sports Centre Iaks Architecture Prize Award Faulknerbrowns Architects L
The Ravelin Sports Centre and University of Portsmouth team celebrate with the IAKS judges

'Ravelin Sports Centre is highly successful with more than 1 million active users per year, while also setting a new benchmark for ultra-low energy sports facilities. The jury recognises the compact building form and the energy-efficient external envelope, together with the maximised use of natural daylight and the automatic system controls for ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting as a demonstration of what can be achieved with careful design and skilful engineering. Visual connections between activities inside and outside create a welcoming focus on health and fitness without compromising the highly efficient building envelope.'

- IAKS Jury

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