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Hull Community Diagnostic Centre wins planning approval

Hull Nhs Community Diagnostics Centre Albion Square Faulknerbrowns Architects Lh

Proposals for a new Community Diagnostics Centre (CDC) at the Albion Square development have been approved by Hull City Council’s planning committee.

The project, which we designed collaboratively with the NHS and Hull City Council, will provide a range of services including MRI, X-ray, CT scanning and ultrasounds. These CDC services aim to identify health problems early and improve outcomes for patients with conditions including cancer, stroke, heart disease and respiratory conditions, as well as reducing waiting times and pressures on acute hospital sites.

Like other diagnostic centres around the UK, the project will bring medical services to the city centre while also supporting local businesses with increased footfall. The Hull CDC is located on a central and accessible site at the north east of the Albion Square masterplan, close to transport links and the existing Wilberforce Health Centre.

Our design for the centre has been informed by the colours and proportions of an eclectic context, which includes Georgian Terraces and modernist blocks. Large openings are proposed along the streetscape while ‘black box’ spaces, with no windows for privacy and technical reasons, are positioned at the upper level. To bring depth and detail to the building, the facades are animated with set-backs, recesses, signage, and varying brick patterns and tones.

Construction of the CDC, which has already secured £16m in funding from the Department of Health and Social Care, is now due to begin shortly.