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Team Kirkley Cycles partnership

Faulknerbrowns Sponsors Team Kirkley Cycles Lh

For the last year, FaulknerBrowns have sponsored and partnered with Team Kirkley Cycles, a competitive cycling team based locally to our Newcastle studios. In 2021, the British cycling scene was recovering from the effect of COVID-19 on mass participation events and time trailing saw a resurgence.

Team Kirkley Cycles were at the forefront of this shift in the North East, with time trialling offering the perfect, socially distanced alternative to traditional road races. Sponsoring the team provided an opportunity to develop local cycling talent and a natural reflection of the significant role FaulknerBrowns has played in the development of British cycling. We have designed facilities such as the National Cycling Centre in Manchester and Derby Velodrome that have been described as ‘medal factories’.

In 2021, the team won big in the North East with the support of FaulknerBrowns, claiming the Best All Round Male title (Lewis Wake), the All Round Team title (Lewis Wake, Julian MacBride, and Adam Smith), the Team Time Trial Title (Lewis Wake, Julian MacBride and Kris Atkin) and finally the All Round Female title (Joanne Rea).

This year, Team Kirkley Cycles’ focus is an expansion in riders and aspirations. The team have welcomed four new riders to join their women’s team and are keen to develop a national medal challenging squad.

Team Kirkley Cycles Womens Team
Kirkley's Women's team: Anna Weaver, Claire Harlow, Rachel Brown, Joanne Rea and Emma Fowler

"Our partnership with Team Kirkley Cycles reflects a history of creating sport facilities where people push themselves to do better, but also the practice’s passion for developing local talent on a national scale. We look forward to supporting Team Kirkley’s success in 2022 and beyond."

- Paul Rigby, Partner