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Aquatics projects presented to British Columbia’s Recreation and Parks Association

Faulknerbrowns Architects Ripple Effects Aquatics Projects Video Lh Copy

Our teams from the UK and Canada recently collaborated to share a virtual tour of three of our most recent aquatics projects to the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) ‘Ripple Effects’ workshop, an event attended by recreation and aquatics professionals from across Canada.

Our tour video below highlights the key design features and strategic innovations of each project. The presentation captured how the activity spaces are organised to generate positive community impact at Britannia Leisure Centre in Hackney, the low carbon net-zero ready approach adopted at the Ravelin Sports Centre for Portsmouth University, and the value that we have found at Moorways Sports Village by combining different typologies of aquatic environment to support elite training, inspire community recreation and deliver high energy, exhilarating, fun-focused spaces.