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Our designs for leisure and retail space aim to make the everyday special. We recognise that the quality of our chosen ‘lifestyle’ experiences, influences where people choose to spend their time and their money.

Over recent years our shopping and leisure habits have changed remarkably, and our expectations have shifted. Past behaviours of simply browsing and buying have been replaced with a desire to be entertained and immersed in experiences that mirror our individual lifestyles.

In parallel, the explosion of online shopping has forced brick and mortar stores to provide a more brand-focused experience. Digital retailers too are realising that online presence is not enough, and are investing in creating physical experiences that integrate with their online operations. Shopping environments are therefore evolving to provide leisure experiences that capture the imagination of consumers.

Monument Mall, Newcastle upon Tyne

At Monument Mall at the heart of Newcastle’s conservation area, the simple act of turning an inward looking mall back to the vibrant city street has lifted values by associating a high quality shopping experience with the magnificent city context.

We have been exploring the commercial synergies between leisure and retail for many years. Our three Xscape snowsport centres - the first of which was opened in 2002 - combine shops, cafés, restaurants and leisure activities to create engaging spaces in which visitors are encouraged to stop, dwell and spend.

Retail Design Expertise Leisure Experience Mall Xscape Braehead L
Xscape Braehead, UK

This idea of creating engaging destinations for people to gather and share experiences can be applied to reinvigorate more traditional retail environments and city centres. Our ‘Grow Zone’ concept for example, is a scheme which brings together food, furniture and fashion in a flexible format that allows landlords to deliver product-focused experiences tailored to specific seasons and trends. Shops are integrated with pop-up marketplaces, cafés and restaurants that act as showrooms for furniture and kitchenware. A working urban farm - where products can be grown, harvested and sold - is linked to kitchen spaces that are available for visitors to host dinner parties, take cookery lessons or trial cookery products.

Retail Design Expertise Grow Zone Concept L
“Grow Zone” concept, Glasgow with Hammerson plc

The popularity of adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding, climbing and surfing, continues to grow, as large numbers of highly dedicated followers buy into lifestyles which revolve around their sports. Traditionally the facilities needed to take part in these relatively niche activities have been located long distances apart, limiting participation.

Retail Design Expertise The Cube Extreme Sports Destination Concept Sketch L
The Cube concept

‘The Cube’, a concept we have pioneered, builds on our experience, bringing together twenty adventure sports into one dedicated space, combining it with a range of lifestyle retailers as well as restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Research suggests that for every one user of the sports facilities, up to five others will wish to be associated with their participation in some way, whether that be friends, family or interested spectators.

The Cube is instantly recognisable; an experience retail destination with significant brand equity and potential for sponsorship. The flexibility of the format allows the concept to evolve to meet changes in consumer habits and advances in technology.

Retail Design Expertise The Cube Extreme Sports Destination Visualisation L
The Cube

This concept - and others like it - is about creating destinations where people are motivated to spend their time. The future of retail is no longer simply about selling products, but about delivering high quality experiences within memorable environments.